A Thankful Heart is a Happy Heart.

Thanksgiving 2010. Peace & quiet. Family. Feast. Those same candles that I put out every year and look perfectly drippy now.

Fall weather, crisp and cool. Leaves turning.

The boys making our traditional bread bears with Nonna. Hoping to get the hidden almond so they can be “king for the day”.

Some bears are prettier than others.

We eat little samples before dinner nowadays because we’re always too full to eat them with our turkey.

More tasty and beautiful food, like this beet tart. So easy. Puff pastry. Boursin cheese thinned with a tablespoon of olive oil. Roasted golden beets sliced thinly. Thyme. A little more olive oil and freshly ground pepper overtop.

Before dinner bocce ball. This is a must.

No, this picture isn’t staged. If you’ve ever played bocce with our family before Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve, you understand.

Ready for the feast.

Jake and Tyler entertaining themselves. A skill they’ve lost somehow in the past month. I’m thankful for their ingenuity. They’re making a miniature golf course.

Greg carves.

And we celebrate God’s blessings.

A wonderful, peaceful, family filled day. Now our thoughts and decorations move toward Christmas…


3 thoughts on “A Thankful Heart is a Happy Heart.

  1. A hidden almond? Tradition at the Ranch was always a hidden thimble in the teddy bear bread. Well I guess some traditions should be altered as time goes by…especially since biting into an almond would be much more pleasant than a thimble!

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