Sew Busy.

I couldn’t resist the pun. My art of choice lately is sewing…mostly because I’m intimidated by the other quilters in my new quilt guild who seem to show up at each monthly meeting with entire gorgeous quilts, while I show up with pretty fabric and nothing to show for it. And then I buy more fabric at the meeting, which just happens to be held at the local fabric shop. Hmmm…maybe this quilt guild thing isn’t really in my best interests.

But at least I’m sewing again. When my cousin had her baby last month, she mentioned that she didn’t like the standard baby blues and pastels, and when I saw this Hawaiian baby print, I had to use it for my beachy cousin! I love the random quilt I made for baby boy…and it only took an afternoon at my mom’s to put together.

I even finished a modern girly quilt top for a future baby girl quilt at the same time!

And are you surprised that I made another tote bag, too? After making close to twenty of them at Christmas, I had called a moratorium on tote bags. But the neverending leftover pile from this baby quilt served me well the other day when I was feeling overwhelmed and needed instant gratification. Voila. A new extra large tote.

And what about these squares? I got the wonky houses back from our new quilt guild’s quilting bee, but I just can’t make this pile of beautiful fabric into a quilt that I like. I’m frustrated. I think I’m going to put it aside yet again and hope for future inspiration to strike someday.

I’ve also finished my first quilt top that I don’t like. I guess since I’ve been quilting for more than 20 years, that’s not too bad, but I had hoped to make this for our foster babies and it just didn’t turn out. So I tried to fix it by stitching randomly around the squares. Which helped a little. But I’m just going to put it aside and move on. A friend told me that I should give it to someone I don’t like. There’s no way I’m doing that but I might give it to someone for whom I otherwise wouldn’t have made a baby quilt…a relative or neighbor acquaintance perhaps? I don’t think it’s really all that bad, just not what I had in mind. You can click on it to see it larger and notice the stitching details. But I am moving on…

To this…the second attempt at a foster baby quilt for our family room. Girly fabrics on one side and boyish on the other, so that when we get a new baby I’m ready for whomever arrives! I DO like how this one is turning out, thank goodness.

Do you notice what I did on the girl side, though? Sigh. I didn’t notice the mistake until after I’d already put the border on. Bummer. Time to pull out the seam ripper. (edited to add…I refinished the girl side. But now that our first foster placements have come and gone, we’re changing our thoughts about doing only emergency shelter care. So I doubt I’ll do a double sided quilt with these. But now I have two quilt tops ready to go for another baby!)

Of course, there have also been the preschool tote bags to make. Tyler picked this orange polka dot fabric and I’m worried it’s too girly. Friends assure me that he’s only four and it won’t matter, but just in case, it’s reversible and he can use the blue vintage toys fabric side, too. And I offered to make our friend’s tote bag, mostly so I could use floral fabrics and eyelet ruffles. Girl bags are much more fun than boys. Again, click on the images to see them larger.

And I’m trying my hand at sewing some clothes for me. Mostly because I’m having trouble buying things from my normal cheap stores when I think about the sweatshop labor that produced it. I don’t have time for thrifting well, and I’m too cheap to buy the expensive clothes that are manufactured responsibly. That leaves me with a lot more money in my pocket and a lot fewer clothes. I have finished one dress recently and I like how it turned out. Unfortunately for you, I don’t like how any of the pictures of me in it have turned out, so there’s nothing to post here. I have lots of fabric for more tops and skirts and such, but not as much time. Slowly I’ll add to my wardrobe, I guess.

My next project is to come up with some dining room chair pillow covers. My chairs are past the point where I’m embarrassed when we have guests and they have to sit on those pillows. But they’re not an easy reupholstering project so I’ll try pillow covers.

And of course there’s that quilt that I was working on in time for Tyler’s birth…yes, his birth, not his birthday. Better late than never!


3 thoughts on “Sew Busy.

  1. When I was in a quilt guild, I heard this story. If you find a half finished quilt that someone didn’t finish, you shouldn’t always try to finish it because they may have abandoned it because it ” really is ugly”. Not that anything you would make, Linn could be ugly.

  2. Linn,

    you impress me all the time! I do wish I lived closer though, then I might learn how to sew!:)
    Your creations are beautiful. Can’t wait to see your house and your decorations for Christmas:)

  3. If you really, truly don’t like it and don’t have plans for it … I’d be happy to have it 🙂 I think the colors are quite stunning, and I love the random widths. I’m a quilter, too, and I’d love to finish that up!! I’ll either give it to a friend or try to sell it in my Etsy shop (once it’s finally open!) to help finance our own adoption.

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