December Daily Days 7-12

Since I haven’t spent much time blogging lately, I’ll share with you my most recent pages from my December Daily scrapbook. They will give you a little glimpse into our lives right now. I just got caught up on a lot of things this weekend, including these pages. I’m feeling like now I can move forward into this Advent Season with a little less stress and a little more peace.

I mentioned that there was a tree fiasco. I still don’t really want to think about it. Our tree is still standing bare in the corner after this experience from day seven:

At least our fake tree in the living room looks nice! I like how Tyler’s face peeks through the transparency and numbers on this page.

A few photos of us celebrating Hanukkah at my parents house. (Although we’re not Jewish, I’ve always loved latkes since my best friend growing up was Jewish. We play dreidel and read Hanukkah books, too!)

Thursday was a break for me…boys to Grandma’s after school and I got things done and then relaxed for a while…

On Friday I didn’t have a lot of pictures so I pasted a starbucks bag that I liked on the left hand side and wrote about our Advent/Activity calendar tradition on the right. I think the right hand side looks a little bare. I’m not sure what I’m going to do to fix that, but I’ll probably do something.

I didn’t write much on Saturday (some days I write a lot if there’s a story to tell, some days the pictures are enough.) Since the boys’ reaction to Santa isn’t really that interesting any more, I just did a photo collage for Saturday and included some great sunset pictures I took that evening.

Last night we had our second annual street party under our street’s Christmas lights. I love taking nighttime pictures. Set your camera on AV or A mode and put the aperture at the lowest number you can. (With my wide angle lens, it’s 2.8) Then hold your camera really steady and you get these really cool looking photos with natural light. I love that.

I’ve been sewing a little bit, too, so when I finish any non-present projects I’ll share those soon, too. And on Wednesday we’ll get to watch our little boys while their new foster mom goes Christmas shopping, so we’re excited about that. Tyler keeps asking if they’re coming today and he’s counting down the days. We visited them for a little playdate last week and had fun. Athlete kept running over to me and wanting me to pick him up and hug him. Then when I put on my jacket he came over and didn’t want to let go of me or my scarf. He was really upset when we left. I think he thought he was coming home with us. Baby Billy Goat turned one on Saturday and we didn’t get to celebrate with him because his party overlapped with some other things we were doing. So we’ll have a great time catching up with them all day Wednesday.


4 thoughts on “December Daily Days 7-12

  1. Your December Daily album is gorgeous! I have been collecting stuff in a box and this year I’m determined to start my first December Daily. Thanks for the inspiration.

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