All is Right.

I have my little foster boys here with us for the day and it feels like all is right with my world. I type this with my netbook on my lap and a sleeping Athlete on the couch beside me. I feel like aunties and grandmas must feel…I can let him fall asleep on the couch watching t.v. with me because I don’t have to deal with the consequences tonight at bedtime! It is such fun to enjoy the boys’ playing and to watch their faces light up when they crawl or run over and reach up for a hug. To know that we are still a bright spot in their lives even though we don’t see them every day is good for the soul. And it’s awfully cute that Tyler has given Baby Billy Goat about ten spontaneous hugs this morning.

But I am also reminded that our home was definitely not a long term solution for Athlete. Even the little “brotherly” struggles of the morning remind me of the stressful place our home was for all of us when they lived with us. And best of all, their new foster mom is wonderful…an older woman with more of a grandmotherly nurturing vibe to her. She gives out cookies and movies and playtime and cuddles like no other. We’re still waiting for their older sister to be able to join them in their new home…hopefully before Christmas so that all the kids can be together! I’m thankful that we can give their new family some time off and also stay connected with these little guys.

Yesterday was a crummy day. It wasn’t that anything was going terribly wrong, but I just felt off. But today it feels like all is right…like I’m making a difference…doing what God wants me to be doing. I am eagerly awaiting the day that our next baby arrives. And I’m grateful that the boys’ new foster mom feels the same way that I do…that we should still be a part of their lives. We want them to learn that when you say goodbye, it doesn’t always mean forever.She and I were joking with each other about how we both feel like they are “my babies!” As we joked, I realized again that they are God’s babies…we are just both lucky to take care of them for a while.


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