Merry Christmas to All…

Christmas. You are my dear friend. For so many reasons. We’ve been getting some really cool rain in the past few weeks. The pouring drenching drought-busting rain that washes away roads and closes down parks. We were lucky to get out into our closest regional park before it closed down completely the next day.

The grass on our hills and in our canyon is dazzlingly green these days. I just couldn’t let the days pass without getting my boys out into it all. Swollen creeks, fallen sticks, wonderful stompable puddles…

…and the most amazingly non-Southern-Californian mushrooms you’ve ever seen. We saw fairy swimming pools filled with fresh rain, tiny villages of flowery fungus, and this monstrous clammy friend grasping onto a soggy tree.

Of course, mostly drenching rain means mostly dry indoors days. The boys and Nonna made sugar cookies…

…and I felt the Christmas spirit tug me to make my own again after a year’s hiatus.

The gifts were all wrapped, with the last ones unfinished until Christmas Eve…a rarity at our house. I prefer to have everything done long ago, but in the end it was all ready for…

Christmas Eve with loved ones from near and far, and…

Christmas morning with just the four of us.

So much unbridled glee has not been seen in our house in a long time, if ever.

There was laughing and screaming and cheering and jumping and a whole lot of blurry pictures for Mommy. These are the golden years of Christmas morning, Greg and I have decided.

Uncle Rob even got to experience the crazed joy from his air force base via iChat. The boys kept running over to the laptop and shouting, “Look what I got, Uncle Rob!” and we all watched him open his presents from afar.

It was a merry one, for sure. A day that will long live in our memories as one of  joy, laughter, and of course, jumping. I love this time of year…even the week after Christmas. Especially the week after Christmas, when we sleep in and laze about and tidy up and look forward. New steps, new starts, new years…I love the fresh optimism of it all. Merry Christmas to you and may you have a Happy New Year!


One thought on “Merry Christmas to All…

  1. those two pics of your boys and their presents are awesome. we’re loving the christmas season with our boys, too. so! much! excitement! elisha asked me this morning when christmas eve will happen again. not soon enough, once i told him.

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