The Last Week of Last Year.

Otherwise known as 5Photos::Week fifty-two. I know I fell behind on posting my five photos each week. What can I say? I did take plenty of photos and will still finish up my 5photos album, but I’m letting go of my self-imposed obligation to post the rest of the weeks. But I’ll end the year of 5Photos with the last photos of 2010.

We’ve had so much rain lately which has been really fun and different. I can’t count how many times I’ve told the boys in amazement, “Listen to that rain!” So we’ve enjoyed indoor days, fires in the fireplace, hot chocolate, and playing with Christmas toys.

Then the weather will suddenly and miraculously clear up for a day and we’ll rush outside for a little while.

Or we’ll get a sudden change in temperature as we did on this impromptu beach trip day. It was so warm that we didn’t touch the warm hats and sweatshirts I brought down with us. In fact, I ended up in short sleeves and Tyler ended up happily soaked by the waves! The stormy weather brought lots of great sticks and driftwood to the shore, a rare treat for southern california beaches.

The boys took a mini ice skating class, too, which was a fun wintery activity.

And then suddenly, we became a family of five again on Thursday!

Our new little eight month old foster baby girl was our late Christmas present.

We’re getting used to her and she’s getting used to us, and I’ve spent much of the past few days looking like this, which suits both of us just fine.

And we ended a good year with a celebration with our church fellowship group and plenty of friends. Things are looking good for 2011.

Happy New Year! May your 2011 be full of joy.


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