My Five Littles.

I promise that these five faces are much so cuter than the yellow smileys I have to paste over them. And let me officially say hats off to you mothers of four and five and more who attempt to take photos of your entire tribe. As you can see, there was no chance of getting all five to look at the camera at the same time, much less smile, but this picture melts my heart.

Today’s playdate was balm for my soul. I had all five of my littles together for a few hours and I feel renewed. Our little boys are flourishing in their long term foster home and their big sister has been visiting on weekends and will move in with them full time in a few weeks. My Baby Billy Goat is (as always) a CHUNK! The fact that he weighs eight thousand pounds didn’t stop me from picking him up every single time he came over to ask for it. He especially felt the need for ‘up’ when Midge was in my arms. He was very suspicious (and jealous) of this new baby who was in his spot on my chest. And our Athlete. I am so thankful that I get to see him growing and improving in speech and behavior under the banner of love in his new foster home. What a blessing. Besides, it’s much easier to get to be the foster mom who plays with the boys and doesn’t have to administer any discipline! I love my new position of ‘spoiler’ when it comes to Athlete. Neither boy was nearly as clingy and huggy as they were last time we got together, which is a good sign that their new foster family is becoming “home” for them.

our baby billy goat is walking!

My heart was so full today. A stranger couldn’t help but wonder if we were babysitting when she saw how many children the other foster mom and I were “mothering” together. “No,” I explained. “These two used to be my foster sons and now they’re hers. That one is my biological son. That one is her biological daughter. Those two are being babysat and one more over there is my biological son and this is my new foster daughter.” The woman was confused but it all makes sense to me.

several serious diggers and midge, who's just realized that it's me behind the camera

We’re so glad that the little boys are seeing that goodbye doesn’t always mean forever. It’s also good for Jake and Tyler to see the little boys again in a less stressful situation than we had while they were living here. Last Monday I told them that we had scheduled a playdate with the little boys for that Friday. We ended up having to postpone it until today, but I didn’t tell Jake and Tyler, figuring they would have forgotten. But Friday morning Jake told me, “I wish today was a short day at school.” When I asked why, he said, “because then I’d have more time to play with ‘Athlete’ and ‘Billy Goat.'” The two of them had such fun today laughing at Baby Billy Goat, whose favorite game was to throw everything within reach over the concrete ledge surrounding the park. Then my boys would laugh and go out and get it back for him and he would throw it back out again. Ahhh, good times.

more laughing when billy goat launches himself into the hole they're digging and can't climb out

What a good way to end a day that began with shaky emotions. I had about fifteen minutes this morning between drop offs and volunteering and pick ups which I was tempted to spend cleaning up the breakfast mess in the kitchen. Instead I sat down to read from the book of Joshua. Seriously, if God can stop rivers so whole nations can walk across, and if He can make walls crumble at the sound of a shout, He can do whatever He wants to do with our foster babies. He’s got the whole world in His hands.

speaking of hands: twenty of the most precious baby fingers in the world


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