The Verdict.

Mess on the counter, dishes undone, legos stashed high enough up so Midge can’t reach them. Banana for a quick breakfast and the seldom used coffee pot out on the counter to give that little boost to the day. So I guess my house will look like this for several more months yet…

After weeks of prayer and wondering, social services called me to say that they are pulling their request to have Midge moved to a neighboring county and we should plan on having her until the Fall! A friend asked me what caused this change and I don’t really know, other than all of your thoughts and prayers that God would bring the best for this baby. The news cuts both ways…of course we’re glad to have her for every extra day that we possibly can, but on the other hand, it would have been easier on us to lose her now than to lose her in seven or eight months! But our prayers were always for God to move in the hearts of the judges and social workers to do what He thinks is best for Baby Girl. Obviously it’s best for her not to have to move again before reunifying with her parents, and of course there’s always the slim chance that she will not reunify and we will get to adopt her. In any case, we’re grateful that she will be in our home where she’s growing more bold and comfortable every day, even though that means a bigger heartbreak for us in the long run. Thank you for all of your continuing prayers for Baby Girl (who turns 9 months old today!) and for our family.

I feel like a weight has been lifted. I can buy clothes on clearance in the next size up. I can plan birthday celebrations without wondering if we’ll all be depressed and missing our girl. I can stop dreaming about that Hawaii trip that I told Greg we’d take as a consolation prize if Midge was removed from us. I can return to everyday living again.

It’s hard to clean up your sewing room or sit down to write a blog post or read a fluffy book for book club when you’re so uncertain about your future. So to celebrate our extra few months with her, I made Midge a little skirt with a fat quarter of fabric I had no other use for. It’s basically a rectangle of fabric sewn into a loop with fold over elastic along the top and a serged edge along the bottom. Now I need to buy her some leggings to go under it. Let the baby sewing begin. My sister’s unborn baby girl will have some fabulous hand-me-downs!

Today I’m off to our church’s women’s retreat. It will be strange to be kid-free for a day and a half. And there’s nothing like a church women’s retreat with beautiful people to make you break your ban on buying yourself sweatshop produced clothing. I made a Target run last night because I just feel frumpy in what I have and I haven’t taken the time to sew anything new for myself in a while. (ruffle scarves not included.) And yes, I haven’t missed the irony that a weekend about Jesus would push me to support sweatshop labor with the $60 I spent at Target last night. Sigh. I better really enjoy this!


5 thoughts on “The Verdict.

  1. With the beautiful weather we have been having, I can’t help but think ahead to our family beach night….and how much fun it will be to have little baby girl Midge toddling around with us! And of course the newest baby girl cousin too!

  2. I’m so excited too. It funny I thought about beach days too. I’m so excited Midge is going to be with us. Just wish I could be closer.

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