And Sew It Begins…

Well, I’ve got at least seven months with our little girl so let the sewing begin! As I mentioned, the first project was a little five minute skirt with a fat quarter of fabric I had that didn’t match anything else. It turned out fine but I can do better next time. I really need some tighter leggings for her to wear underneath.

Then came this tunic:

I love it! I had a pile of large squares cut from a vintage bedsheet that I thrifted a while back. I found two that had their “V” pattern in the middle and got to work. Just some rolled edge serging on the edges, a casing for a ribbon across the top, and the sides sewn about halfway up, and I was finished. I love it! Well, actually I wasn’t quite finished because the brown pants were too long and loose. Since I found that I have two pairs of 18 month brown leggings, I just cut these shorter and sewed the inside seams to make them tighter.

And since I found that tunic idea to sew up so fast, I decided to make her another one while she had her bottle this morning. I LOVE this fabric and just had some small pieces leftover. Perfect! I made it a little shorter than the other one because my pieces were a little narrower and I wanted her to be able to move around in it. I used some white double fold bias tape for the ribbon around the top. I planned on her wearing it over a white turtleneck but I couldn’t find that this morning so I just put her in the pink onesie. Love this one too!

Then there is this project. You first met it here. I thought it was for a much older girl, but apparently the sizing was wrong and it fits Midge right now. I’m not complaining!

One of these days I’ll get up the courage and time to sew from a real pattern, but for now these little 5-15 minute projects are all I can manage. The pile of hand-me-downs for my baby niece due in March is slowly growing!

And I’m sorry to say, you cold weather folks, that yes, it is warm enough for Midge to wear these breezy tunic tops here in February. It’s still cold in the mornings, but by the afternoon, I often have to change Midge into short sleeves. Now if the weather will just hold up for a few more days…we have a LegoLand trip and a San Diego trip planned this week!


4 thoughts on “And Sew It Begins…

  1. awesome, and yes, me, a cold weather-er is definitely jealous. Bracing ourselves for ‘zero’ tonight! No tunics for quite some time!

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