You Know You’re a Mom When…

  • you plan thirty minutes to get everyone and everything ready before you have to leave the house.
  • you smell like spit-up.
  • you have stickers randomly placed all over your shirt by an adoring fan, and you even wear them out in public.
  • you get annoyed by the divorced dad and his trophy girlfriend in line in front of you at LegoLand, because you’re sad for the ex-wife whose kids are choosing to ride with “her”, pointing at Miss Skinny-Jeans who obviously did not birth two children.
  • you go to LegoLand and enjoy it.
  • you have a purse full of odd items…a spoon, a hot wheel car, a bag of cheerios, an epi-pen, an old bandaid, a lollipop.
  • you go to Target three times a week. (Okay, maybe that one is just calling me out as a poor planner.)
  • the floor of your car is a great spot for an archaeological expedition.
  • you lose five pounds without trying…because you haven’t eaten a real breakfast or lunch in weeks.
  • going to the dentist or the OB is a welcome getaway…a place that is quiet and kid-free and you can read a book uninterrupted.
  • you let your child go out of the house with a shirt that has stains…who can prove that they didn’t already spill on themselves at breakfast, anyway?
  • your heart keeps expanding whenever a child enters your home and your life.

3 thoughts on “You Know You’re a Mom When…

  1. Love this Linn. Even with only one child, I can relate to the entire list! It was so fun to see you and your family this weekend. Thank you for coming to celebrate Jonathan’s birthday with us!

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