Random Thoughts.

  • It might snow here this weekend. Baseball opening weekend might be cancelled for SNOW. Wouldn’t that be cool?
  • I’m craving those lemon blueberry scones that I love.
  • My thoughts are disjointed these days. I waffle back and forth between obsessing over Midge’s future here (which is yet again, uncertain, after a transfer of her case to another county) and trying to keep myself busy with cleaning the house and making a quilt that I’m determined to finish before Midge leaves.
  • I love scarves. I love weather that is just chilly enough to wear them.
  • My emotions this morning are numb. My body this morning is blah (cold coming on.) My prayer this morning was, “Lord, what will you do with me today?” I’m not much to offer today, but maybe God can do something with it.
  • I am SO looking forward to the weekend. Two emotional days without Greg’s help in the evenings (and one morning) was TOO much. Ready to hunker down, have a fire in the fireplace, start my book club book, finish Midge’s quilt, and relax. Take some time off. I can’t wait.

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