Finally…A Quilt!

I LOVE this new quilt. It came together so quickly at a weekend sew that I had with my local quilt guild. It used some fabrics that I’ve had for years and love, but wasn’t quite sure what to do with. I think these reproduction prints are just perfect for Midge’s new carseat quilt.

I used this tutorial for the raw edge circle quilt and I think it works well with these fabrics. I changed the circle and square sizes to make them bigger, but I can’t remember what I changed them to. Maybe 8″ and 10″? I’ve washed it once and I like the small amount of fraying around the edges of the circles. And it looks pretty complicated but is really very easy.

I’m kind of annoyed with myself for hurrying on the quilting. I just wanted to get the quilt done before Midge leaves us so that I could use it for a little while at least! (Timeframe still unknown. Court date on Thursday.) So I went with a curving pattern that followed the circles’ edges but there was a lot of bunching and puckering because I hadn’t pinned it very well. Luckily, when it’s washed and gets that old fashioned look, you don’t notice the problems too much.

So now every time I cover her up to sleep in her seat on the way to or from a visitation, I can enjoy the quilt instead of the ugly fleece throw that she had in her belongings when she arrived. (Strange to be on the receiving end of charity blankets now…also noticing that we seamstresses like to make our charity quilts out of our ugliest leftover fabrics!) I’ve had it finished for just over a week and I’m so happy I’ve had a chance to use it with her.


2 thoughts on “Finally…A Quilt!

  1. I’ve had this quilt pattern book-marked for awhile now – just got the fabrics to make one ~ such a fun and simple pattern! Looks great in the retro fabrics 🙂

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