San Diego Respite.

What a dreary place this blog has become…I am quite aware that things have changed since the days of my blog displaying sewing and gourmet meals and photography and fine art. I guess that makes sense since hardly any of that happens around here right now. I told a friend recently that I struggle with posting about fostering too much because I feel like I’m probably scaring people away from this much needed ministry. But on the other hand, I don’t think there are many realistic portrayals of real life in fostering, and I would have loved an inside viewpoint before we started.

The bottom line is that if God calls you into fostering, He will sustain you through it. But that doesn’t mean it will be easy. Greg and I were talking the other night and I pointed out that whether it’s easy or difficult is irrelevant. What is relevant is what God is asking you to do. Day by day, you follow through joy and through sludge. And day by day He will reward you with happiness or with character growth or with a strong need to cling to Him. However He chooses to reward you each day is up to Him.

But it isn’t lost on me that this blog has turned into something completely different in the past several months. That’s a reflection of our lives turning into something completely different in the past few months, I guess. Remember, there are always the archives if you’re looking for the good ole days! But today, I do have something happy to share.

I decided at the last minute yesterday to drive down to San Diego to hang out with my sister and brother-in-law for Saturday morning. I needed to escape, if only for one sleep and one morning. I got there a little before 10:00 last night and toured Amy and Rob’s nursery. Yes, they’re having a baby, and any moment now! Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday they were getting married? Although it’s hard to see because it’s backlit, Amy’s wedding veil is hanging over baby girl’s crib. So sweet. She did such a good job of turning an industrial style downtown loft into an inviting baby’s room.

Amy and I chatted for a few minutes, then I settled into this peaceful and clean guest bedroom/nursery to lay and read for a little while. All by myself. Ahhh.

In the morning we had some tea and then walked a few blocks to their favorite breakfast place for blueberry cornmeal pancakes, french toast, and a chilaquiles breakfast, all of which were so tasty! The fact that I didn’t have to feed anyone or play tic tac toe with anyone or clean up after anyone was a pleasant side benefit.

On the way home from breakfast I took some photos of the lovely couple. I’m glad I got a chance to do this before Amy pops. (Her due date was on Wednesday. No sign of baby yet.) It was nice to do something completely creative again, and I was reminded of the need to make time for my “art” in the coming days and months.

When we got home we spent the next few hours reading books and magazines and generally enjoying a quiet house. No chaos. No pressing needs. No yelling. No need to think about anyone but myself. Sometimes we need to take those selfish moments to refuel for the everyday grind. I am eager to work those moments into my world again now that I’m home. On the way home I stopped at the outlet mall to buy a few things for Midge and ended up buying a few things for me, too. Shopping without little ones in tow is decidedly satisfying.

Thank you, Rob and Amy. I needed this. And I hope your baby decides to come soon. Like this week. Although if she does, I guess my trip to San Diego next weekend won’t be quite the same, will it?


7 thoughts on “San Diego Respite.

  1. I am so glad you got away even for a short time away! I was feeling very overwhelmed myself a few weeks ago and I went away for a quick time away too. And then refused to allow myself to feel guilty when I wasn’t there to volunteer one on my two days a week in Laney’s classroom! (turned out after I planned the trip that there was a big Dr.Seuss party that day…who knew? I sure didn’t…they had to make green eggs and ham without me)

  2. Love seeing pics of the nursery & the happy parents-to-be. Thanks for the long-distance moment in San Diego. Can’t wait to see that baby!

  3. Please tell Amy that I LOVE her nursery. Such exciting times.
    and thank you for keeping it real. Miss you, and wish that we could be closer to share some of this with you!

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