Thankful For…

California weather. Warm enough to play baseball (or watch baseball) outside in the evenings, yet snow awaits only two hours away.

Looking out the window in the morning from the snug of the house.

Savoring the joy of snowballs in your hand…

…but not so much the sting of snowballs in your face.

Sledding with good friends…

…and with family.

Then coming home to 80 degree weather…perfect for tank tops and flip flops and dining al fresco under the wisteria.

Our backyard is small and gets no sun, but we try to get out there if only for twenty minutes to eat dinner around the barbecue or let the boys play in the wasteland of the garden building whatever strikes their fancy. On this day last week, Jake spent quite a while outside painting on a slab of wood he found. Tyler built a fort for miniature people out of some spare bricks. Midge crawled around putting everything in her mouth.

A thankful heart is a happy heart. The struggles of today will fade away with the passage of time and these are the moments I’ll remember. Another reason to be thankful…a baby niece who is making her way into the world as I type! I will introduce her just as soon as I can.


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