Sewing for Baby K.

Good thing I got in one last relaxing baby-free San Diego weekend last weekend…the baby has arrived! And seeing as it’s not very fun to sew for Midge when we’re in limbo again about how long she’ll be here, I am sewing like crazy for my new niece.

I had some plain white onesies that someone gave me for our foster closet. But since we probably won’t be getting any newborns, I’m using them for baby! The first one I made was this owl. Oops. I guess I should have ironed her a little before photographing. I just cut out the shapes and sewed them on, leaving raw edges to fray in the wash. I hope they won’t fray too much, but if they do, that’s okay. It’s sort of an experiment, and besides, babies wear 0-3 months for such a short time. Especially babies who are born at nine and a half pounds! Ouch.

Then I had seen a onesie with a modern looking letter P on it, and I decided to do one with a K on it.

Then when I saw how much the K looked like a flower stem with leaves, I decided to try this one. It turned out to be my favorite. I made the stem of the K extra long so she can wear pants with it without covering up the “leaves”.

And of course, I’m just crazy enough to try to make pants. With ruffles. Do you see the side panels? They went through an awkward teenage phase as I was sewing them, but once I added the double ruffles, I think they’re fine.

Can’t wait to meet baby on Friday! I’m sure these will look much cuter on her little body than they do on my carpet.


5 thoughts on “Sewing for Baby K.

  1. So cute! I’ve been needing some new ideas for onesies. I’ve done the flower, but not with a letter stem. I usually use ribbon, but I’m going to try that one. Ask Amy to show you the star one I made. It has little blue stars on the shoulder.

  2. Wow! So cute! I didn’t know you could do this! I need to learn (someday! Hee hee!). This is so adorable! Good job, and congrats on the new niece 🙂

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