A Different Kind of San Diego Weekend.

Our baby niece is here! One weekend I’m visiting Amy & Rob and enjoying the quiet, the sleeping in, the wandering the city. The next weekend I’m part of the night time pit crew.

My weekend started out like this:

And ended like this:

But sandwiched right in the middle was a lot of baby loving.

Of course, her “K” outfit looked adorable on her, even the crazy pants. One thing about newborn pants is that it doesn’t matter how well they fit because really, they’re not rolling over or crawling around or doing anything to make the pants come off. So my improvised sewing skills and I are safe.

We did take several walks so that Rob could enjoy his stroller and I could tutor him in using the baby wrap. Downtown…

…the marina lit by the biggest moon in a million years or something…

…and a beautiful new walking bridge to take us from one side to another.

There was also some photo shooting. And what does it say about me that this one was one of my favorites? I must be a terrible person.

There are more beautiful photos that I won’t share until after the birth announcements go out. I even had a few moments here and there like this:

The condo isn’t quite as clean or quiet, but the company is good. A fresh orange, a challenging book, and a baby asleep in that bassinet. San Diego, you are still good to me.


6 thoughts on “A Different Kind of San Diego Weekend.

  1. Beautiful photos, as always. I’m especially loving the first picture, and the one of you and Amy with K. Can’t look enough. Also, hard to believe how tall J & T are getting. I need to get out there, and quick. Love on all of those kids for me.
    Auntie Sarah

  2. Baby K is perfect!!! I love the pictures even the crying one…and I loved seeing the bassinet , how amazing that we once were all in it and now our children are! How many babies have slept there…13?? I can not wait to meet that sweet baby!! Love to the beautiful new family!!!

  3. Linn, I love the pictures. I need to send you the one of you taking pictures too. I’m glad you still had fun this San Diego weekend even with less sleep. We had so much fun. It was a great way to transition home. Thanks for being a part of our awesome pit crew.

  4. I think you are right, Michele, it has been 13 children sleeping the the bassinet.
    I put her name on the skirt while I was down there. I remember when you were asleep in that same bassinet. How times fly, yet they stay the same.

  5. She is such a beautifuly chubby baby! I love it! Linn, I’m so glad you’ve had a chance to rest in the midst of all your chaos.
    It seems like babies are coming all over the place. My neighbor had a girl yesterday and my Harvest friend had a boy one day before Kate was born. And I feel like my due date is forver away!!! By the way, I may need your tutoring in using that baby wrap too. It’s intimidating me already…

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