A Happy Link.

This morning: getting Jake’s ears checked to confirm that his ear infection is not, in fact, healed and he needs new meds. This means we get to stay home from school…yeah! As a former homeschooler, I love sick days when the kids don’t really ‘feel’ sick.

Before lunch: Target for medication and walking through the toy aisle while we wait. A favorite activity for all.

Lunch: Ikea with daddy. The whole family is fed for under $20, including our favorite meatballs, gravy, lingonberry jam, and even a slice of chocolate cake to share. Yum. Bought two new stools for our island, as I gave ours to the boys yesterday to use their hammer, nails, and the sledgehammer on. (They were already breaking. Midge stood by the back sliding glass door and watched the boys for quite a while.)

After Lunch: Boys watching a movie (and I don’t feel bad because it’s a sick day!) while I catch up on the computer and Midge naps.

The Link: I came across this YouTube video that made me laugh. It looks just like something my hallmates in our college dorm would have done if we’d had the talent or the internet. We definitely had the time. But these are grown adults…I love the people whose job it is just to bop along and spin around. Looks like a fun way to pass an afternoon.

Wishing you a happy day.


3 thoughts on “A Happy Link.

  1. I love “sick” days, too. We’re in the middle of track-out and I can’t believe that I ever let the kids out the door to go to school. It is too fun to have them home! My house is a wreck but we are so happy together. Hope Jake’s ear feels better soon.

  2. Hahaha….loved the video! I’ve had such a hard two weeks with all my lil ones medical issues and sooooo needed a pick me up! watched it 2x!

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