A Big Day.

Today’s a big day! My little boys are coming to stay for Friday and Saturday! We will have a very full (and very loud and very messy) house. Jake and Tyler are so excited to see Athlete and Billy Goat again. I’m picking Jake up from school at lunch so he won’t miss out. I’ve got five carseats in the car and two high chairs at the table and a lot of patience (?) ready for the day (and night).

Also, there’s another court hearing today in regards to Midge’s status with us. From what I gather, the social worker wants her to stay with us and the judge wants her to move closer to her mom. I don’t plan on answering any phone calls from the county today because I don’t think I could handle any bad news with all five kids in my care. We’ll see what happens. I am encouraged that Midge’s mom is making great strides, which makes the whole thing easier on me. God knows what He has planned for today.

In the meantime, bring on the kiddos!


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