Thankful for…

  • Thankful for twenty-four hours with all five of our kiddos.
  • Thankful for a husband who is 100% invested in parenting. (And cleaning up afterward.)
  • Thankful for a home and a car big enough for a family of seven.
  • Thankful to have a great relationship with the boys’ foster mom.
  • Thankful that she got a much needed break today.
  • Thankful that the boys didn’t really understand what was happening when we drove an hour to go to their visitation with their dad last night and he didn’t even show.
  • Thankful for realizing in time yesterday that scrambled eggs were the only thing I could really make with all five roaming about (not to mention the 4 year old neighbor boy who was over at the time because of an emergency at their house.)
  • Thankful for days like this when I see the reality that fostering is quite different from having four or five of your own, whom you can train with one rule at a time month after month from the time they’re tiny. (keeps me from getting ideas about taking in millions of foster kids who need homes!)
  • Thankful that I don’t always have to load and unload five carseats when we go places.
  • Thankful for the immense progress Athlete has made with his behavior and manners in the past four months. Amazing.
  • Thankful for a quiet house now as Greg and the boys are out front weeding, Midge is upstairs sleeping, and I’m downloading photos.

As I told the boys’ current foster mom, “We are so happy that you let us have them for a day. And we are happy to let you take them home!” That pretty much sums up the chaos and joy and craziness of it all. Greg cleaned up the pillow playground and the counters while I put Midge down, and we’ll head out to baseball whenever she wakes. Back to normal again. Well, our new normal, anyway.

P.S. Midge’s court date was postponed until Tuesday. We’ll see what happens.

P.P.S. If Greg were sitting here, I know he’d add that he’s thankful that we don’t have five kids. To which I would say that we DO have five kids. In our hearts, anyway.


3 thoughts on “Thankful for…

  1. I love so much the pillow playground! You and Greg are Great!! The joy on everyone’s face is priceless!!! And how great to see the lil boys and all their improvements. ( only you would know why that pleases ME so much! )

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