Playing Catch Up…

Midge has been here for over three months now. I no longer have the excuse that ‘we’re still settling in’ as the reason that my office is a disaster and my job on the creative team has been neglected, among other things. So bit by bit, I’m creating digital scrapbook pages and posting them to hold up my end of the creative team bargain. They have been so understanding about our situation and I love that scrapbook site, so I’m working on making time in the evenings to create. Now the pages may be recent, but the events aren’t! I’m trying to finish off my 2009 photos so I can get them off my hard drive. Here are a few pages:

Here Comes the Bride credits

Respite credits

Easter 2009 credits

More Easter 2009 credits

Boys’ Half Birthday credits

Tenth Anniversary credits

Kingsfield Family Camp credits


One thought on “Playing Catch Up…

  1. As cute as all the pages of the children are…my very favorite are of Amy and Rob! So perfect that you captured their very last weekend as a couple before they turned into a family. Amy just looks so beautiful…and you can just see how much Rob adores her in your pictures…what a gift you are Linn! I just recently blew up 4 pictures of my girls that you took and they are a million times better than any studio could have taken!

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