Four Days Left.

Greg left this morning for four days as a delegate at a convention in Sacramento. Leaving me with one baby who’s been sick since Monday and is still cranky. One five year old who threw up yesterday and is home sick today. One seven year old who complained of stomach aches yesterday and today (so I kept him home both days…who wants to catch the flu at school right before Spring Break?!) And my stomach’s been hurting all morning. Praying that I don’t come down with anything until Tuesday!

Thankful that Midge has started taking long naps to catch up on the lack of sleep earlier this week. Thankful that I have a babysitter coming for three hours this afternoon (booked her a month ago…now that’s God’s planning right there!) Thankful for the sunny weather so that Midge can crawl around in the backyard diaper free to air out her sore bum. Thankful that Greg can have a much needed weekend away doing things he loves.

Tired of the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast). And with four of us eating it, I think I’m going to have to go out while the sitter’s here and buy more bananas and bread!

I hope you have a good weekend. Yesterday was one of those crummy days, but today has been better. That just goes to show that often our emotions are totally unrelated to our circumstances.

Happy Friday.


4 thoughts on “Four Days Left.

  1. Mom and I are reading your blog and feeling envious of your “normal” crummy day. We flew down to Houston yesterday on two hours notice due to a critical chemical imbalance that they discovered. We are now looking for entertainment as we are sitting in the e.r. waiting for lab results. How quickly life can change. We are praying for healing and will keep your dear family in our prayers as well. Love to you all.

    • I’m so sorry to hear about more medical issues for your mom. It does make you grateful for everyday life. We will be praying for Judy and look forward to hearing a report soon. Love, Linn

  2. Good news! We are going home. Mom’s levels are headed in the right direction. I’m so thankful that she is well enough to go home. How are you all? Feeling better yet? Thanks for your prayers.

    • SO GLAD! Mom saw your comment and has been praying, too. Keep us updated. Around here, Midge is the only one still sick. The boys have mild stomach aches and mine is gone. Thank goodness. Have a safe trip home!

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