Something I’ve Missed.

Today Midge had a visitation in the afternoon and our agency has several college interns trying to fulfill their hours before the semester’s over, so they sent a monitor so I could stay home. The house was clean and quiet. I had an hour and a half to use as I wished.

So I made Quiche a la Melanie. Our Norwegian exchange student a few years ago made this quiche for me several times. The cheese gets sprinkled on top instead of mixed inside, and the vegetables are softened in butter before being added to the pie. And the eggs themselves are mixed with sour cream. What could be better?

But what I really noticed as I made this homemade dish on a quiet afternoon was the smell of the leeks. The methodical rolling of bright orange carrot discs off my knife. The woodsy scent of fresh mushrooms. I’ve missed cooking from scratch. There’s something about standing over a clean counter with fresh ingredients, knowing that with a little time and love, your family will be nourished by these simple foods. It just feels right to be in my home, with my family, creating something to tangibly love them.

There isn’t really a recipe. You basically soften in butter whatever vegetables you have on hand (I used one head of broccoli, three mushrooms, one leek, one shallot, part of a carrot, and half butter, half olive oil), then mix some eggs (I used about five today I think) with some sour cream (I used about 1/2 c – 3/4 c) and sprinkle the cheese overtop before baking. I did the crust for about 10 minutes at 450 before adding the filling and baking that for about 25-30 minutes at 325. It cooled on the counter while we drove to pick Midge up from her visit.

I can’t say that my boys ate much of it, but as with any dish, they’ll learn to like it in time. And now I have breakfast and lunch for me covered for the next few days. Best of all, I had such a peaceful afternoon in the kitchen, thanking God for the smell of a leek, the lack of distractions, and the aroma of quiche baking while I read Pride & Prejudice for my book club. I need to make more time for these simple moments.


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