Beginning Knitting.

Last year my mom insisted on teaching me to knit when I was recovering from surgery. Two of my friends were interested and she taught all three of us, but I really wasn’t too enthusiastic. I always figured that if I wanted something knitted, I just had to ask my mom or sister.

But since I’ve had to supervise Midge’s visits with her mom (who is a non-stop talker), I’ve finally taken to the craft. After several months of knitting at the Chick-Fil-A, I came out with a yellowish toned rectangle that I wanted to turn into a little hat for my new baby niece. Of course, I can never leave well enough alone. When I saw the hat folded over and ready to be joined up the sides, it just looked like an owl. Somebody stop me. I didn’t know how to do any of the next few steps, but after my mom taught me to make eye-cord (or is it I-cord?) for the eyebrows and eyes, I improvised the rest and came up with this.

Lest you begin to think that I’m some sort of “real” knitter now, let me show you the only other finished “project” I’ve made:

Yes. It is a shapeless gray, let’s say, item. At some point I figured out why I was adding stitches on every row (unintentionally, and apparently only along the left side). And you can see where I started knitting when I should have purled. But I kept this project intact for posterity. There have been two scarves in between this item and the owl hat. One of which I haven’t finished the ends of, and the other which I unraveled when it was finished, knowing that I would never wear it. But that owl hat? That one’s a keeper! I hear that my niece is keeping cozy in it on chilly San Diego days!


3 thoughts on “Beginning Knitting.

  1. Your gray project looks just like some of the 4th graders’ projects. Just give it to me and we will turn it into a charming purse.

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