In the Swing of Things…

It might seem to contradict my last post, but I really feel like we’re getting into the swing of things around here. It’s only taken four and a half months, which I guess isn’t too bad. The biggest factor is that we have grouped Midge’s visitations onto two days instead of three or four. That means that five days a week, I can live a normal life as a mom of three. On Sundays and Wednesdays, life is not so normal, with naps thrown off by church in the morning and by visitations in the afternoon/evening. But it’s WAY better than it was before.

I got out my cookbooks last week. I love cooking, but before this, I hadn’t felt up to anything other than the usual fallbacks of a life too busy. Now, I didn’t actually cook anything from the cookbooks, but I did take them out of the cupboard. I hope that counts for something.

I made a few scrapbook pages this week. For my creative team responsibility, I am supposed to create four layouts a month. I am way behind, but they are such an understanding crew over there, and I’m slowly catching up. It feels good to get into my memory keeping mode again.

We are in a napping groove, a carpool groove, a getting things back on track groove.

I read my book club book two weeks before the meeting, and I finished all four of the quilting bee blocks I was behind on. It feels good.

Actually, I should be knocking on wood as I type this. I know too well that it only takes a sickness or a cancelled visitation monitor or a weird phone call from the county or from Midge’s parents to throw me over the edge again. But at least I can say that I feel sane and positive about life about 80% of the time, and stressed and out of control and upset about life only 20% of the time now instead of vice versa.

I should remember that it can take four and a half months to get to this point. Next time, if there is a next time, I will cut myself some slack when I’m “cooking” fish sticks and letting the kids watch t.v. again so that I can get my county paperwork done. I think the part in Corinthians about “Love is patient. Love is kind” should apply to being patient and kind to myself, too, don’t you?


3 thoughts on “In the Swing of Things…

  1. Yes, I do! You have your priorities straight, and are looking to the right Source for strength. Can’t wait to see your beautiful family and meet Midge.

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