Redefining Family

We spent the day at Disneyland on Saturday for Foster Family Appreciation Day. Four adults, one teen, a seven year old, two five year olds, one three year old, and two one year olds. We are a family. More specifically, all six of those little kids are ours. As I downloaded my pictures, it struck me that I never once thought of asking someone to take a picture of just Greg, Jake, Tyler and I. I got as many pictures as I could with as many of our kids as I could. To take a picture of just the four of us would have been weird. Does that sound strange? I guess it would have seemed strange to me eight months ago. There are six kids who look to us as Mommy, Daddy, Mama Linn, Dada…whatever they call us, we answer. When our home expanded to include kids who needed us, family was redefined. I’m not sure it will ever seem the same again.


One thought on “Redefining Family

  1. I hope with all my heart that other people who foster feel the same way! Thank you for all the love you give to these children.

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