Two Commitments Left.

The end of the school year is almost here! The end of the “commitment” year is almost here, too. It’s almost like the end of June is yet another New Year’s Resolution time for me. A fresh start and a time to reevaluate the commitments we made and the ones we’ll make for the fall. I love a clean slate.

Baseball is over. Jake’s team lost on Wednesday in a bittersweet ending for me…will this be the last time I see him play competitive baseball? He likes it but was overwhelmed with the schedule and the length of the season. We told him he doesn’t need to decide right now whether he wants to play next year. He might find that when he’s in second grade, he’s ready for a long season of practices and games. He always had fun when he was there, and we’ll see what he decides next February. But that ends our current sports commitments.

Cub Scouts is over. I handed off my bag of hats, neckerchiefs and Wolf handbooks, along with a few spare badges and my own leader uniform to the woman who will lead our den next year. Jake and I are taking a year (at least) off. While it was a great experience and we are grateful to have met so many wonderful families, we’re ready to have our Thursday minimum days free again next year. When I signed up to be a den leader in May, I didn’t know that we’d be fostering in October. It was tough to juggle leading meetings and kids’ naps and behavior issues, as well as balancing the time spent doing leadership things with my personal and foster parenting life. Glad we did it. Glad we’re done.

Once again I’ve found myself turning the pages of my much-loved book, Breathe, by Keri Wyatt Kent. The subtitle is spot on: Creating Space for God in a Hectic Life. I love the message she has about being purposeful with your yes and your no. Create margins in your life. Pare things down to make space for the plan God calls you to. I find that I need to do this every few years as busy-ness creeps in slowly and our commitments change in each stage of life/parenting.

So I’m down to two outside commitments: hosting our church’s fellowship group (which we believe is important to developing christian communion, and is a good use of the home God gave us) and creating for the creative team. This second commitment is one I’ve gone back and forth on. I may someday prune that one out, too, but for now I’m limping along and keeping up. I find that it’s a good release for me to be ‘forced’ to create at least a few times a month. And it gives me the push to make a few scrapbook pages each month and capture some memories, moments and feelings that I might otherwise forget.

Here are my most recent projects:


Summer, here we come!


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