An Eventful Day One :: Cousins

In one short day we squeezed in a lot of mysterious cousins-hiding-in-Nonna’s-attic-hideout, some bike riding, the necessary first day In-N-Out trip, naps/rest time, and a beach night.

But the most eventful parts of the day revolved around Tyler, who had not one but two serious accidents. The first involved him hitting a car while riding his bike (he was looking backwards and talking to his cousin and hit a poor woman who had stopped when she saw him while pulling out of her driveway.) No major injury there, just a lot of fear. The second incident is still a mystery, but had something to do with him jumping in the sand and ending up in the E.R. like this:

He has a bruised muscle in his neck and can’t move without screaming. How we are going to get through this day (and how we got through last night) is a mystery to me. But is anyone surprised that Tyler is the first in our family to end up in the hospital in a neck brace? No, I don’t think so. Poor baby.


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