San Elijo State Beach Camping.







Having fun editing my weekend camping trip photos when I should be working on something more important. Scratch that. Preserving these memories in a creative and tangible way is important to me, perhaps even more so than cleaning up the pile at the bottom of the stairs, which will only reappear again tomorrow.

Camping is such an intense experience, cooperating with the weather and the family members and the sand and the sun and the lack of sleep and the serious play and creating strong memories. Camping at the beach is even more intense, in the best possible way. The boys love camping. I love camping. Note to self. We learned that camping is more fun when the kids are over three. Camping is also more fun when you are with family and friends. The weather was perfect and the number of children’s meltdowns was surprisingly low. I call that a success.

I edited these photos using Totally Rad Actions, as well as Jodie Lee’s Shabby Photo Frames I and Carina Gardner’s ESS Frames v2 from I always save the original photo before adding all the funky touches because I’m sure that someday far from now I will look at these edits and wonder what in the world I was thinking! But the funky touches are such fun.




5 thoughts on “San Elijo State Beach Camping.

  1. I was telling Rob. You can have a child under 3, but you have to have the child outnumbered by at least 1. It was so much fun.

  2. I loved the first picture with the little girls arms outstretched and foot up . The pictures captured a wonderful weekend!

  3. Looks like fun! We sure are missing California weather – it’s supposed to hit 100 today here. I think that’s a record, but don’t really care. It’s just too hot. It’s a good thing the kids are in school during these miserable days. Can we come back?

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