Summer life. Beach night last night with the usual gang plus some friends.

Attempting to take a beach family photo of sister and fam. Recognizing my great need for two things…more beach photography practice and a posing guide to work from.

Watching this guy create anything and everything. Currently into making his own comic books, playing “fake” video games with his brother using an old broken calculator and a vcr remote, and drawing maps of our house.

Teaching these two how to get along all day long. Pillow playgrounds help.

Trying to keep this climber from killing herself as she conquers every height in our house. And sometimes falls.

Had lunch today with the bride and the woman on the far right, my grandmother, for whom three small kids are a bit too loud.

Working on my parents’ 40th anniversary photo book. One page per year. Hence the old photos dug up and scanned and enhanced. I am loving this album.

My favorite picture of the whole set…my family motoring across country. I don’t know why I love it so much. It’s so candid. So real life. Everyone’s doing their thing, which in my case means examining my hip striped blue sweatsuit instead of Mount Rushore.

And I would be remiss to post any blast from the past photos without including this one of my ride all through high school and college. Yes, it’s true. I know you are jealous.

Right now I’m hearing three small boys watching a Veggie Tales movie past their bedtime. Our neighbor boy who is Jake’s best friend took a frightening trip to the E.R. after a serious bike accident on our neighborhood’s steep hill. We are watching little brother while they pick the debris out of big brother’s road rash at the hospital, now that all other tests show he is generally okay.

Never a dull moment around here. I hope your day has been much less exciting.

P.S. WordPress has changed some formatting…are my photos and text looking strangely spaced to you, too, or is it just me?


3 thoughts on “Snippets.

  1. Photos and text look fine. Kerri saw the ambulance at the bottom of the hill last night – – was that for him? Glad to hear he is okay.

  2. love that little strawberry girl on the beach. *smile*

    and sounds like you need the ‘go gentle on yourself’ reminder right now, too. i hope your days are filled with more joy than sorrow.

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