The Annual {half} Birthday Bash.



This might be the last year that we can get away with a half birthday party. But it’s just so wonderful thinking about a sunny beach party in February when the boys are begging for a party and I’m recovering from Christmas and working on the Super Bowl party. There’s nothing better than lots of family friends gathered together at the beach in the summer.

This year, we went with a lego theme.

I tried cake pops and failed. Everyone makes them sound so easy, but they are not. My cake to frosting ratio was off and they were too mushy, then the yellow candy melts were too thick.

I salvaged the idea by using marshmallows instead, but the candy melt problem was still there. Then we tried drawing the faces and the yellow was too waxy and wouldn’t accept the ink. Oh dear. But we brought them along to the party anyway because the boys were so excited about them, and I didn’t hear anyone complain as they gobbled marshmallow lego heads before cake. We just had to be careful to catch the kids who were trying to roast them over the fire before we had a liability suit on our hands!

Luckily, although the cake pops were a bust, the cake itself was a success! My original frosting was too pastel colored, but Greg had the great suggestion of spraying the cakes. He didn’t even know that they sell cake spray in bright colors, which is how we got the real lego colors. And the boys insisted on placing lego men on the cake, which ended up looking really cute. Especially the man bursting out of the back left lego to ambush another guy.

The best part of the party is always enjoying the sunshine and the waves and the people coming together to celebrate.


A big thank you to Uncle Rob, whose job was to keep this sweet girl from drowning herself as she ran straight for the huge surf repeatedly, and without fear.

I found a free lego font online to label the party favors. I’m not a fan of lots of little junky things for party favors, so I usually plan ahead and buy dollar spot stuff on clearance throughout the year. Unfortunately, I didn’t plan ahead this time. But I found nice buckets with shovels and beach balls for each kid, then ordered lego candy online for the table and for each bucket. We also bought a few bulk lego packages and divided them up so that each kid had a small ziplock baggie with about 50 legos to play with.

The boys were most excited about being the judges for the lego contest. We had each kid use their legos to create something and the boys chose their top three to win a prize.


At a beach party, you must sing and blow out the candles while you are still lighting them, or they’ll blow themselves out.

The weather was beautiful, the waves were huge, the company was great. Happy half birthday, Jake and Tyler!







4 thoughts on “The Annual {half} Birthday Bash.

  1. Love Love Love the Cake Pop heads! I’ll definitely be stealing that idea. And will be looking for that Lego font as well. I love a party with a theme! Great job

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