Oahu, Hawaii :: days 1 & 2


It always takes a few days to recover and clean up from a vacation, especially when everyone is fighting sickness. So while we’re muddling through the laundry and meal-making without anything in the fridge, I’m escaping back to our house on the sand via photos. We rented a little beach house in a remote area, and I spent the first morning photographing the beach beginning to color with the sunrise.



We were all up early because of the time change, so as soon as everyone rose, we ventured out into our backyard for a look around.




We hadn’t gone shopping for food yet, so we decided to try out the local hangout for macadamia nut pancakes. I like mine with bananas. It’s making my mouth water right now just thinking about it.







After breakfast we made a quick grocery store run before heading out to boxcar racing! What fun (and what good exercise, especially in the Hawaiian sun!) The boys were in heaven. This was one of their favorite Hawaii activities. You push these wooden cars up a ramp and gravity carries them down around the race course. We had the place to ourselves for quite a while, and it lived up to the boys high hopes that they’d had for weeks.


I was disappointed that the local farmer’s market happened the morning our plane arrived, but I lucked out to find a tiny market in the parking lot outside the boxcar racing place! I’d been dreaming of papayas and pineapples for months.


On our way home we stopped for lunch at a nearby resort that was totally deserted except for us. We enjoyed a Hawaiian lunch (hamburger steak with rice, kudzu ribs) and a great view on our first day in Hawaii.


When we got home it was time to check out the beach. There were a lot of rocks directly in front of the house, but a tiny ways to the left was a great swimming spot. I’m not sure if it was lucky or unlucky that we were getting an uncharacteristically huge swell for this time of year. You can’t tell from the photos, but the waves were big and powerful and it was quite a while before I was able to relax and enjoy the warm, clear water and laugh with the three “boys.”


On day two we fought the traffic to Hanauma Bay, where it took us three times as long to get the boys geared up to snorkel as we actually spent snorkeling. The boys refused entirely, and threw wonderful fits about it. Disgusted with our family, we left early and headed up to hike in a rainforest, where Jake continued his complaining with gusto. I was walking through the gorgeous scene below when I decided never to bring my children on vacation with me again.

With the promise of shave ice, Jake abandoned his complaining when we reached Manoa Falls, and enjoyed jumping in the mud puddles on the way down. I am not including the photo of Greg and the boys at the falls, because Greg’s face shows his mood at that point a little too clearly.

This hike was the highlight of my trip. The photos can’t capture the feel of the rainforest, where we felt like we were LOST on a tropical island. Later we found out that they did shoot a few scenes from the t.v. show here.

We weren’t sure we were going to go to a luau, with our time being limited and the cost being so high, even with discounts. But we ended up going on Monday night and we’re so glad we did. We spent a few hours exploring the grounds, making leis and Hawaiian headbands, throwing spears, riding in an outrigger canoe, and other Hawaiian activities before the show. The whole night was a big success for all four of us.

Days 3-5 coming soon…




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