Oahu, Hawaii :: days 3-5


There’s nothing better than waking up to this view outside your window.


We spent Tuesday at Wet n Wild, a waterpark nearby. I was initially against this idea, as we have a waterpark right near our house in California. But the thing is, we never quite made it to that waterpark this year, so we decided to give this one a try. It was definitely one of the boys’ highlights, and Greg and I had great fun, too.


When we got home, Herman, the host of the beach house who grew up here, wanted to hike around the point to see the big waves and invited us along. We loved having a local couple on site to ask questions and to show us some local secret spots like this one.

Back home again. I spent the next hour or so with my book (A Thousand Splendid Suns…fabulous.) and my feet up with a view, while the boys pestered Herman to teach them about coconuts. Herman promptly climbed the palm tree in the yard and pulled out a hatchet to husk some coconuts for them.


After dinner we walked back to the point to watch the sunset. We were well rewarded, and we also got our only family photo of the trip.


The next morning Greg was going to visit the USS Arizona memorial while I entertained the boys for a bit.



This morning Tyler was uncharacteristically cranky and complaining, so we bought a thermometer and found his temp to hover between 100 and 104 for the rest of the day. Poor boy! We spent the rest of the day hanging out at the beach house. Tyler lying on the patio chair in the shade, Jake drawing various weapons and jets, and taking a short dip in the ocean. It was frustrating to be so tied down, as we wanted to explore a nearby cave, but at least we had a great place to be stranded, and it wasn’t a day when we had much planned.

Thankfully, Tyler was better by Thursday, our last day in Hawaii. We checked out of our house and traveled inland to go to the world’s largest hedge maze at the Dole plantation. It did not disappoint! Such fun. Another highlight for the whole family. Jake even lost his first tooth while we were in the maze!


We continued down the hill to the North Shore to visit Turtle beach, where we were lucky enough to see several sea turtles!


And perhaps the best meal of the trip…Giovanni’s Garlic Shrimp Truck in Haleiwa. SO GOOD. In fact, the boys are begging for shrimp for dinner tonight. I’m going to try to make a version of their garlic shrimp with lemon butter sauce. Yum.


And we ended the trip in a hotel in Waikiki, preparing for our 7 a.m. flight home. We were glad we chose to spend the rest of the trip in a less traveled spot. I didn’t even end up taking any pictures in Waikiki, except one of Jake putting his tooth under the hotel pillow for the tooth fairy!

Now we are home. Jake began feeling sick on the flight home, and spent all of Saturday like this. Today he’s better and now I’m fighting it. Greg thinks he got a mild case yesterday, and I expect Midge to come down with it just in time for my birthday on Tuesday. We shall see. But it does feel good to be home and settling back in, and gearing up for the beginning of school and our new routine.





2 thoughts on “Oahu, Hawaii :: days 3-5

  1. How beautiful! Almost as pretty as our very own family beach night! 🙂 I really do need to find a way to get to Hawaii! Thanks as always for sharing…It’s almost as good as going!

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