Notes from Today:

  • First Day of School 2011. Note to self. Remember that Tyler gets out at 1:00, not 1:20. I almost made the unforgivable error of showing up 20 minutes late to pick up my child from his first day of kindergarten. I think God intervened, and I had a sudden epiphany about the 1:00 pick up time.
  • I went to Target twice today. The first time, at 12:15 p.m. to pick up an epi-pen with a pharmacist label on it for Tyler’s school. It was interesting to note how many moms were gliding through Target, child-free, stopping to chat with other child-free moms and glowing in their aloneness and the air conditioning. The second time, on my own while in-laws babysat, to look for new thermos’s and sippy cups. This time the store was full of junior high and high schoolers and their parents, scouring the place to fill their teacher’s supply lists. The guy  behind me in line told his son, “I think this is the last package of graph paper in the whole city.” Whoa. That’s rough.
  • There’s got to be something wrong with someone who spends forty minutes scouring Verizon’s website to find the perfect ringtone for her new phone. I think I have commitment issues. That, and I really don’t want something jarring, but I really do want something in the praise and worship genre. I really don’t want someone calling to the crowd, “Let me hear you!” in the middle of my ringtone, either. That’s a bit strange when it’s coming from your purse.
  • Interesting to note the differences between my two sons’ schools, even on the first day. Jake’s PTA membership costs $10, Tyler’s $7. Hmmm. I thought this was a national organization? I think there might be some price-gouging going on here. To buy a t-shirt from Jake’s school at Olympic Day: $30 “donation”, to buy a t-shirt from Tyler’s school on the first day: $5. School supply list for Jake included about 20 items. School supply list for Tyler “bring $7 if you can donate, and the checked item below.” My checked item was three apples: one red, one green, one yellow. ??????  Not sure what that’s about. But can you guess which school is in an upper income bracket and which is in a lower income bracket? Introducing Tyler to the non upper income world is one of the many reasons I’m excited about his new school.
  • Speaking of Tyler: first day of school and he didn’t even mention anything about not understanding what was going on. He loved it. Had a great day. Got to lead Simon Says. Smiles and waves seven fingers over his head singing, “Siete! Siete! Siete!” because Seven is the number today. And best of all, “I want to say goodbye to that kid over there, Mommy. I made him my new friend today.” Only downfall: they didn’t play on the playground yet. He’s drooling over those shiny silver trikes. Could be that the triple digit heat kept them from getting a full recess. Maybe next week.
  • Two hours to myself. Our school timing works out just right so that when I get home from dropping Tyler off, Midge naps for two hours and I am alone. The house is quiet. I was able to clean the downstairs of all the post vacation/pre school clutter, fold and put away a load of laundry, do a load of dishes, make some phone calls and write an email, all while still having time to read my bible and write out this week’s to do list. Let me just say that it was weird. I felt a kind of guilty pleasure in it all. Will this be my life for the next few months? I think I could get used to it. Or I’ll adopt a few more kids. Either/Or.

3 thoughts on “Notes from Today:

  1. I also remember feeling guilty about having free time while the kids were first back at school. I kept thinking I was forgetting something, maybe like picking them back up on time.

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