Where’ve I been?

We have a little dish situation here. And a laundry problem. Can anyone relate?

It always takes me several weeks to get into the swing of a new schedule. The first week of school was spent cleaning up things that went untouched over the summer. And relaxing. And reveling in how quiet the house was during Midge’s morning nap each day. I love a little dose of quiet.

The second week I started my schedule. I committed to the swish & swipe of the three bathrooms three times a week, the real morning breakfast to rid us of the nourishment-free cereal rut, and the general picking up during Midge’s nap. Those three things are going well.

This week I’m starting to feel like I have no excuse. Time to finish unpacking from Hawaii. Completely. And get a handle on that laundry and dish routine so we don’t end up here again in another week. Time to get in synch with my schedule of drop offs and pick ups. I think it will be better by this time next week.

What’s that? This blog is supposed to be about PeaceLiving? Really, it’s not chaos around here. We’re reading and building dirt homes for Bionicles in the backyard and playing games and such. But it is real life. I sure hope that everyone has a pile of dishes and laundry like this now and then. My house will be cleaner more often when it is less full of messy little blessings from God. At least that’s how I see them at this exact moment…

Now I’d better get into that kitchen.


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