Mexican Independence? Why not? Let’s Celebrate!

When enrolling Tyler in the dual language immersion program to learn English and Spanish, we (especially Greg) were a little apprehensive about there being a disproportionate amount of celebrating Latin American heritage, to the detriment of celebrating American heritage. That remains to be seen. I admit to some confusion today when Tyler told me, “Mommy! We learned to say the Pledge of Allegiance today!” In Spanish, he tells me. What? Why in the world would they teach you the Pledge in Spanish? There are 5-10 minutes a day in English…couldn’t the pledge be 30 seconds of it? It just seemed so strange to pledge a country’s flag in a different language. The red flag in my mind was waving, especially considering our apprehension.

However, I must keep in mind that the information about school is coming from a not always reliable source. A five year old who sometimes blurs the line between reality and “what I wish happened” at school. As it turns out, there was no Spanish language pledge, rather a cute little song about the flag in Spanish. Phew.

But I did not complain last week when our language learning parent group threw a big fiesta/fundraiser to celebrate el 16 de Septiembre. Which, as I have learned, is Mexican Independence Day. (I always thought that was Cinco de Mayo? I have a lot to learn!) Whatever we were celebrating, it was a good excuse to get the school together for a wonderful evening in the courtyard. I am not going to complain when delicious carnitas tacos are served at ridiculously low prices. Sure beats the usual school picnic/barbecue fare, in my book. And these things…what are they? I need to eat a thousand more. And I think I ate at least five that night.

An evening outdoors with family…

and new friends…

What could be better? Oh yes, mariachi music. I LOVE mariachis! I guess it comes from being raised in Southern California and having a family who values other cultures. This evening was right up my alley.

This is a school where the conversation before kindergarten drop-off turns to which used clothing store has better prices on kids’ stuff. It’s a bit different from our other school situation. And I feel right at home…even if they do sing to the American flag in Spanish.


3 thoughts on “Mexican Independence? Why not? Let’s Celebrate!

  1. Excellent! Your youngest goes to school in the town where we live. I, too, love celebrating other cultures and I totally love Mariachi music and bagpipes. Haha. FYI the Mission has a Mariachi Festival each year in May.

  2. Those desserts you had were sopapillas. You just fry flour tortillas and top with cinnamon sugar. I go nuts for these at Christmas time! You can find them in little bags at a lot of hole in the wall taco joints.

  3. i just found your blog through a friend who posted s link about alternative halloween candy, and i am so glad! i am juggling two hungry and energetic little ones at the moment but i am planning to return later today to read more. already though, i am inspired! thanks!

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