The Last of the Beach Nights.

For about five months out of the year, we are blessed with the chance to gather every week at the beach. We celebrate the weather, the California coast, the salty waves, the kids running around screaming and digging, and most of all, we celebrate family.

Throughout the “summer”, the Berg family cooking genes are shown off with homemade salsas, pestos, and guacamoles, cousin Michele’s chile relleno casseroles, a zillion unique salads (my favorite is Aunt Krissy’s beet and fresh marjoram salad), sauteed eggplant with garlic yogurt sauce, Uncle Stan’s strawberry pies, and more hummus and dips than you can think of. Not to mention that it’s like a Trader Joe’s product parade on some weeks. Beach night is the best eating night of the week. We celebrate birthdays and anniversaries in style on the sand, with the seagulls dipping by and dolphins appearing every few weeks. This was the first year that we saw a whale right from the sand!

We were lucky on this last night of the season to have the lowest tide that we’ve seen all year, and we celebrated by exploring the tidepools at the end of the beach. We couldn’t believe the number of sea anemones that were unveiled by the low tide!

There were plenty of hermit crabs, other crabs, and bright purple sea urchins peeking from every crevice.

And lots of starfish showing themselves for a few hours.

Our favorite was this guy, with his arm so casually slung around his sea anemone friend.

In May and September especially, when we’re often the only family on the beach, we’re thankful for such a beautiful place to gather and refresh with the ones who will always love and understand us.

The cousins play and fight like siblings by the end of the summer. They arrive home salty and sandy and completely worn out from the digging and the building and the exploring and the imagining together.

There always seems to be something passed from an aunt to a niece or a cousin to a cousin, or in this case, a sister to a sister. I finally finished my niece’s quilt (with a little binding help from mom!)

The days are getting shorter, school is in full swing, and beach nights are ending. That’s how you really know it’s fall around here.

Thanks for the great summer memories, everyone. We’ll start it all over again in seven months, when this one will be trucking around and eating sand with the best of them.


3 thoughts on “The Last of the Beach Nights.

  1. Are the sea-life colors enhanced? So beautiful! Love all the action in the distance group shot, and that baby K is the only one looking towards the camera. Fun.

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