Boys who wish you happy birthday while you’re still in bed. Birthday cards that open backwards and have pictures of rockets and stick figures holding hands. Three happy, healthy children in our home. Donuts for breakfast, plus a hard boiled egg from the donut shop (genius!) Breakfast picnic in the canyon. (Full disclosure: crummy picnic. one boy is terrified of bugs right now and wants to sit in the car. the other wants to go to Target to spend his allowance money. the girl doesn’t complain, but won’t smile for the camera, gosh darn-it. we don’t last long.) Target run to spend money in the toy aisle. Nap time and Bionicle building time equals free time for mommy. Planning a quilt. Playing online. Lunch at the park with the whole family, including former foster kiddos and hubby on his lunch break. Foster kiddos fighting about singing happy birthday to me. I got the present I really wanted and didn’t even know it until it happened: a photo of Greg and I with all six kids. It took a little photoshopping, but we got it! Relaxing at home for the afternoon, then our favorite dinner from the local Peruvian restaurant. (Jalea: deep fried yucca, fish, calamari, squid, and shrimp, with lime-marinated red onions and tomatoes. Love this.) A family walk after dinner. Homemade ice cream pie: half oreo, half coffee. Lots of chocolate and whipped cream. Bedtime for kiddos and relaxation for us.

Hello thirty-five. You sound old to me, but I’ll take it. The thirties have been my favorite decade. Learning so much. Being open to wisdom. Feeling comfortable in my own skin. Raising a family. This is the life.


3 thoughts on “Thirty-five.

  1. You scared me that I forgot your birthday like everyone else. Can I blame forgetting on my baby? I don’t think so b/c I forgot them before she came along.

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