Halloween 2011

It really was a great day. Starting from the moment Tyler runs down the stairs and calls to me, “Mommy?” “Yes,” I answer, groggy from a lack of sleep. “Mommy! It’s Halloween!” Then he runs over to me and gives me a big hug and says, “Happy Halloween, Mommy!” Who could resist that?

Then, as we are getting dressed that night, Jake tells me, “Mommy, I am SO excited. Halloween is the best night of the year.” “Really?” I ask him. “Yes. Because Christmas isn’t at night, it’s in the morning. And this is way better than Thanksgiving.”

Although it takes us quite a while to actually make it out the door for trick-or-treating, we finally do it. Then Jake comes running up to me, sobbing. “Mommy, I can’t see at all in this mask!” Poor boy. Not willing to let him spend the best night of the year in tears and disappointment, I take him right inside for some mask fixing. Let everyone else wait, so I can make this night perfect for my boy. Apparently, the black fabric over his Jawa face makes things visible during the day, but not so much at night. I pull out the scissors and cut another layer of fabric out, and he says it’s much better.

Out we go again. But the stroller Midge is in has a flat tire. Very flat. Back inside for a different stroller. Meanwhile, Tyler is raring to get next door like a leashed dog. Well, like a leashed Ewok, I should say.

So we finally head down the street. I’m holding Midge because I’m not willing to make her cry in her stroller if I can cheer her up by holding her, even if that means trying to keep her elephant fingers off of my facial feathers.

But it is so much fun. Midge figures out that trick-or-treat means you get to “naw-naw” (knock-knock) on someone’s door, then they’ll hand you something, then you get to take that something to your brother and plunk it into a bucket. What could be more fun? She is so cute, and keeps her elephant hat on all night. I don’t think she ever realizes it’s candy that people are giving her. Otherwise she would have been begging for it all night, as a certain husband let her try a few skittles at our last Halloween event. Hmm.

Tyler was the biggest hit everywhere we went this year. The grown men especially loved him, saying he looked like a real Ewok from behind. And what do you know, our neighborhood did have a costume contest and he won! Which made all of the perspiring and being covered with sweaty fur in our hot weather worth it, I suppose.

At the school carnivals and halfway through trick-or-treating, Jake becomes a Jedi instead of a Jawa. He looks just how he imagined he’s look, and what more could you ask for on Halloween? I especially love his homemade paper towel roll gun, mostly because he loves it so much. It is such fun to watch your kids enjoy the magic of being alive and celebrating.

Greg wears his Jedi costume again, the only costume I’ve ever seen him enjoy. But I opt to put on some fake feathers which look really cool when I blink! I figured that since Midge wasn’t in on the Star Wars theme, I didn’t have to be either (although I do have my jedi robe in our Halloween box from last year when we were six jedis and a baby Yoda boy!)

Our crew is not a very hardy one, and after about two blocks, we head home. The candy sorting commences, which reminds me of the years of sorting and bartering candy with my brother and sister on Halloween night.

Meanwhile, every time the doorbell rings or we hear a knock, Tyler runs for the door and Jake runs for his pile of Sunday School invitations so he can invite everyone to church this Sunday. Talk about heart-warming. Not to mention how sweet he was being, asking everyone in the house if they wanted a candy, and what kind they’d like. Isn’t it great when your children behave like innocent little angels for a moment or two? Love.

Happy Halloween!


2 thoughts on “Halloween 2011

  1. I definitely had a “Happy Halloween” with all of you. I will be looking carefully for Star Wars Boys next time I am in the forest.

  2. A and J love looking at these photos! It was raining and cold here, so costumes were covered with rain jackets and boots. It’s the only time it’s been dreary during our beautiful fall. Oh, well. Looks like you all had a lot of fun together. So glad we could see a bit of the excitement.

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