These Days…

These days I’m feeling a lot more settled. Things are into a school-time rhythm and we’ve been on the same visitation schedule for almost a month now.

These days I’m drawn to crafts and sewing and making stuff…just in time for Christmas! Hopefully I don’t get carried away like I did last Christmas

These days I’m more aware of the number of weeks until Midge’s big one year court date…not looking forward to the judge’s anticipated extension of parental services…also not ceasing praying for the judge and his decision. I find myself living a little bit more quietly than usual. There’s not much to say when such big things will be decided so soon.

These days I’m loving the cooler weather. Scarves and hats (admittedly more for fashion than for necessity) and hot cocoa by the fire.

These days I’m scanning Pinterest for handmade Christmas gifts. Finding lots. And frustrated with the oh-so-often 404 and 504 messages whenever I try to click on anything on that site!

These days I’m enjoying my few quiet morning hours while both boys are at school and Midge naps. Thankful that she hasn’t given up morning naps yet.

These days I’m trying to chip away at the big house projects a little bit at a time. How is it that there is always another room or closet to organize?

These days there’s a lot of laughter in our house. With the boys, it’s often out of control over the top brotherly behavior laughing. For Midge, it’s us laughing at whatever cute thing she’s just learned how to do or say.

These days I’m soaking it all in.


One thought on “These Days…

  1. thank you so much for your love and encouragement! your comment on my blog was so super funny! omg…the logos and lobsters and waves! i love it! we had a pretty good time didn’t we 😉 xoxox.

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