Family Photo Shoot.

Last Friday, I roped my brother-in-law into swapping photo shoots with me. I think he got the raw end of the deal…it is WAY easier to shoot photos of two adults and one cheerful baby than it is to shoot two adults and three kids like mine! Midge is the worst photo subject ever. She doesn’t respond to any funny sounds you make, refuses to stay in one place, doesn’t look at the camera…what a handful she is! Hence, the photo above of our family without her in it…she was running around getting into everything when that photo was shot. Even with the challenges, Rob did a wonderful job and with the help of photoshop, I was able to get a couple family shots that I like from that day. I also took a lot of shots of my three little ones that I was happy with. Rob and Amy’s little family of three, on the other hand, has a million cute shots. No photoshopping necessary! Thank you, Rob and Amy! Here are my favorite shots of their family, and a couple of ours.



2 thoughts on “Family Photo Shoot.

  1. I was thinking, “How neat to have taken the shot just as they were going to step over the tree shadow.” Next I thought the shadow looked so perfectly curved, then, “Oh even more cool, maybe that was the result of photoshop.” Well, it looks really good and I wonder could it possibly be coincidental or…

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