It’s a good thing I’m not in charge of choosing this family’s Christmas card photos. I had a great time last weekend shooting some of our closest friends…and even with four kids, there were quite a few good family shots. What a photogenic group they are! If I ever become a professional photographer, I’m really going to have to learn how to cull down the number of proofs I offer a client. I’m just so indecisive. There are the usual family shots that look good with standard color (with editing, of course.)

And the obligatory kids shot…those girls are the sweetest smiles around!

But then how do I decide which photo to show a client when there’s this original with simple edits…

…compared with this one with some actions to add some cool effects? I love them both! This year was my first time trying some shooting into the sun and I really like the effects I was able to get.

The easy thing about shooting from the back, of course, is that nobody has to be smiling for it to look good. I love both of these below, one because of the halo effect on their hair, and the other because of the coloring and the framing of the tree with the sun looking starry.


This is one of my favorites…the colors and the sun and the looks on their faces all make it just what I was trying to achieve.

But this one would probably be my Christmas card choice, if only because everyone is smiling, and I know how important that is on a family card! So even though the composition and lighting aren’t as great as some others, this one’s a keeper.

And one last walking away shot…the tree, the lighting, the way they are shortest to tallest and shortest again, even the shadows…I like it all.

But my very favorite is the one at the top of this post with everyone lying (or is it laying?) down in a circle. Their smiles are totally natural and the color and composition are fantastic. If it were me, that would be my Christmas card. But then what do you do with these great individual and couple shots?

I always love getting a good picture of couples who’ve been married a while…often it’s been years since they had a good portrait of just the two of them. I love this one.

But what about the sibling shots? I say, go with a multi photo layout card and use them all!

Angie, I can’t wait to see what you picked!  Merry Christmas card making!


2 thoughts on “Indecisive.

  1. Thanks again Linn! The photos are beautiful and I love every single one! I went with a multi-photo Christmas card, but it literally took me hours to choose. Love, love, love.

  2. Such wonderful pictures!!! I need to schedule a photo shoot with my girls before the end of the year….perhaps on a certain someone’s sweet 16th? And wow wow wow….how can she possibly be 16???? Yikes time flys!!!

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