Wanna See An Ugly Quilt I Made?

There’s a lot of crafting going on around here, most of which can’t be shared before Christmas. Let me just say that I bought 22 large men’s t-shirts at the thrift shop and I’ve been putting them to good use. I have a serious crafting addiction.

But this quilt I can show you. Unluckily for you, it’s super ugly. I decided on Wednesday that I should make a little quilt for my former foster son (whom I’ve previously called Baby Billy Goat, because of his strength, but whom I’ll now call Cubby, since that’s what I call him in real life.) His birthday party was a full four days away. Plenty of time to make a simple strip quilt, right? Ha!

Lesson one: don’t try to make a quilt work by using leftover fabric from your stash that you really don’t like that much. It won’t turn out well. I really wanted to use the helicopter fabric and the toy fabric, so I grabbed several blues and greens that coordinated and just went for it. Hmmm…

Lesson two: I started with just strips of these fabrics, but it didn’t do it for me. I can never leave well enough alone, so I started cutting the strips up. And rearranging. And what started out as a quick little quilt turned into a major project. That was still ugly.

Lesson three: If your quilt is really ugly, maybe you can make up for it by appliqueing something onto it. Or in my case, because I had SO much time to make it, appliqueing twenty something stars onto it. In a swirling pattern. And then quilting over them with a trio of swirled lines.

Lesson four: If the appliqueing doesn’t redeem the quilt, maybe the quilting will. This is my first time trying free motion quilting. I was attempting a stone-like pattern with no experience or tips from anyone. Another mistake.

Lesson five: If all else fails, at least put something soft on the back of your quilt. Like some leftover blue dotted super soft minky fabric and some brown chenille. Yes, that’s at least one thing this quilt has going for it. The front may be ugly, but the back is perfectly cuddly.

Lesson six: Even if you’re sure it’s hideous, your five and seven year old boys will cheer you up by saying they love it. Even better, your newly two year old Cubby will squeal with joy and grip it so tightly when he opens it, that you can’t even unfold it to show him the helicopters or the stars on the front. He’s just thrilled that his “Mommy” came to his party and made him a snuggly and will hold him all night.

And he enjoyed his cake immensely.

Happy 2nd birthday, Cubby!


4 thoughts on “Wanna See An Ugly Quilt I Made?

  1. I read that if you find an unfinished quilt somewhere, remember the reason the person didn’t finish it might have been because it was awful, so don’t spend a lot of time finishing it your self.

  2. Oh gosh ~ I think you meant lovely ~ what love in there. The stars are magical. I came here via your wise words on Soulemama today, ” Life cannot always feel simple, but we just keep trying.” Isn’t that so, Christmastide blessings to you and yours! (love all the family photos!)

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