Merry Christmas to All

A slow start to Christmas this year…days later than usual

Means that this season has soared past a bit too quickly.

One boy growing so tall and skinny with his bony knee knobs

One boy transforming from his preschool self into his boy self

One girl running and dancing and tantruming and smiling, but screaming on Santa’s lap.

Finding trees and decorating trees and smelling trees and seeing them undecorated from toddler’s height down.

Sweets. Lots of sweets. Maybe even too much for my own liking, and that’s a lot.

Feeling a bit more behind than I like. Wrapping presents and feeling better.

Knowing that the things I’m behind on aren’t really that important anyway.

Editing pictures. And taking more. Trying to capture this one Christmas with the kids that will never come again.

Knitting. Just rectangles, like I know how to. And sewing. Stuffing owls and helping our “daughter” make aprons. And weaving together strips of t-shirts into something new for Christmas. Lots of Christmas crafting.

Skipping the snowflake cookies this year. But not skipping the fudge. Never the fudge.

Thinking about the future. Hoping for the future. Praying for the future. Wondering about the future.

Lights. A street sparkling with lights strung across from house to house. Inside on the piano, the banister, the mantel, the trees. And from the advent candles on the table.

Not enough Christmas book reading. A little bit of bedtime Christmas singing, but I could have done more. Next year.

Beautiful Christmas cards that I managed to photograph (with help), design, print, and actually send this year.

Cold, windy weather. It really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Hail and rain and thunder and lightning. Sunny and warm predicted for Christmas.

Sleeping in until seven on this school break has been heavenly. Oh, how I’m remembering our homeschooling days wistfully.

Celebrating with our little girl. I never would have imagined it even six months ago.

Smiling ahead to Christmas Eve night and reading Twas the Night Before Christmas, just like I did as a child.

Christmas morning coming. New birth. Joy. Christmas bread. A fire on the hearth. Christmas music. Legos. Lots and lots of Legos.

Family. Warmth. Home.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

From me and mine.


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