Have a Nerdy New Year!

I admit, I enjoy lists. The new school year and the new calendar year just thrill me. A fresh start. A chance to really plan to get that pesky laundry under control. (Yes, that’s been on my list of things to conquer for years now.) An opportunity to begin a new routine and feel like the slate is wiped clean. So what if I didn’t quite get that sewing room or craft room organized in 2011? It’s 2012…opportunity for accomplishment awaits!

My sister hacked into my amazon wish list and gave me the book Year Of Plenty for Christmas. It follows a typical suburban family through a year of buying local products as well as growing or making their own. I told Greg that he can blame Amy for my renewed enthusiasm for local and ethical purchasing.

Now, our yard is unable to grow anything substantial…we have a tangerine tree that gave us two tangerines this year (does it count if it’s about knee high?) and a lemon tree (which finally started producing again once we put it in a pot instead of the ground!) and a nectarine and plum tree which each produce an average of 15 fruits a year. Other than that, the lack of sun prohibits us from growing anything worthwhile. Do you think the lack of time spent pulling weeds or managing garden problems could play into it at all? No. Let’s not go there. Instead, let’s go to the farmer’s market.

On my list for 2012: get back into the habit of going to the farmer’s market every week. It’s been about a year since I was into that habit. Enter foster children, weird school schedules, naptimes to work around, and it just hasn’t happened much this year. But with Midge’s naptime changing, I want to get back into the habit of going every Friday. And I need to support our local grass fed beef man. By local, I mean that his cattle are grazing on the next hill over from our neighborhood. I love that the boys point and say, “There are our cows!” when we drive by. I miss Frank the beef man and Noah the honey man and Jimmy & Anita the avocado and citrus couple. And I don’t know the name of the nice lady from Picket Lane Bakery who sells us whole wheat baguettes, but I’m determined to find out. Putting a face to your food is always a good thing.

The other 2012 ideals are the usual: get into a laundry routine, clean out the craft room and sewing room (today as I write this I’m ready for a total purge. It’s a bit harder when it actually comes down to it), drink more water, take fewer pictures. I know that last one seems strange, but I just have too many pictures and spend too much time editing them. I am determined to get some of those unfinished projects in the sewing room done, and I need to use my after the kids go to bed time doing that, not on the computer!

I’m also not sure I’m going to do the Becky Higgins’ Project Life album next year. It’s a scrapbook that’s really basic but has a two page layout for each week of the year. Most of it is just sliding photos into sleeves and journaling a bit to keep track of what we’ve done, but I do always end up a few months behind by year’s end. I’ve done it for two years, and I think a monthly album would suffice this year. I reserve the right to change my mind on that one, but right now I’m leaning towards not doing it.

I don’t think I’m going to choose Ali Edwards’ One Little Word this year. I never really focused on my word (which, ironically, was “focus”) this year. I’m ready for something new. If I did choose a word, it would be POUR. As in, pour yourself out, reserving nothing. Give it all for the sake of Christ. I’m thinking about a different approach this year. But that’s another post for another day.

Oh, how I love a fresh start.


One thought on “Have a Nerdy New Year!

  1. i love how we think so much along the same lines. i, too, am reading “year of plenty” after my sister-in-law peeked at my wishlist. i love eugene peterson’s foreword. so good!

    i love lists, too, and am formulating my 2012 one right now. kind of random and kind of fun at the same time.

    ah, the laundry. for a couple of years now i have only done laundry on tuesdays and fridays. it’s worked rather well so far. but this year the commitment is to have it folded by the end of the day, too, not just cleaned 😉

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