Tidbits of 2011.

  • This year went by fast. Way fast. I attribute that to God’s grace in getting us through the most emotionally difficult year in memory.
  • I’m really excited about 2012. I have big plans and big dreams for what I will do and what I will see done. How about you?
  • I like this new trend of wearing belts over cardigans. Please note that if you know me in real life, you will see me doing this often. Add that trend to the scarf trend of last year that I am still firmly hanging on to.
  • overheard:      Tyler: Daddy, I know how to spell “know”.  N-O-W.             Greg: Actually, it’s K-N-O-W.         Tyler: What?! “K-no”?           Greg: I know, it’s a tricky one.
  • Lots of driving this fall. Two days a week involved approximately 3 hours in the car dropping people off and picking people up from schools and visitations. Needless to say, I’m working on arranging a kindergarten carpool for 2012. Which feels like a really small drop in a really big bucket.
  • Why is it that I felt a general annoyance when people called 2011 “twenty-eleven” rather than “two-thousand eleven,” yet 2012 sounds perfectly fine to me as “twenty-twelve”? I think it’s the alliteration.
  • quoted:   Jake: (while watching ELF): Mommy, in real life Santa’s sleigh doesn’t have an engine. In real life it’s only powered by Christmas cheer and the flying reindeer.
  • My baby girl is not much of a baby anymore. She is thrilled to be doing exactly what she pleases and throws monstrous tantrums if you don’t let her, say, put the choking hazard water bottle lid in her mouth, or chew on that package of raw meat in the grocery cart, or other such ghastly things. Boy does this baby know how to throw a good fit. Real tears and all. Toddlerhood is here in full force.
  • Favorite book of the year: A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. So moving and so real and so heartbreaking. That one and The Hunger Games, which is almost as meaningful, right?
  • Favorite t.v. shows of the year: I can’t pick just one. For new shows, we love Person of Interest, Terra Nova, Once Upon a Time, and Last Man Standing.
  • Biggest lesson of the year: don’t draw conclusions from what anyone tells you (especially if that person is employed by the Social Services department), trust that God has the perfect plan for your life.
  • My go to recipes this year: it’s been a year of life adjustment, resulting in a lot of pasta, fish sticks, and eating out.
  • Compassion is the fruit that has grown most in my life this year. As a result of getting to know the parents of my foster kid(s), I see a whole side of humanity that I had never seen before. What a struggle life is for some people.
  • Lice: We had a grand lice infestation in early December. Lice, you are not my friend, and you are sure hard to get rid of. I will always remember the daily head checks while Midge watches Elmo or Zaboomafoo and holds out her hand for me to kiss when she can’t handle any more of the hair pulling pain.
  • Favorite newly discovered blog: Sit a Spell, documenting a family’s ministry in Haiti. I love the writing, the stories, and their model of ministry. If I were ever called to international missions, I hope I could find the grace to handle a tough life with the humor and patience that they do.
  • Best new habit: morning moments with my bible verse journal. I don’t have a lot of time in the mornings, but I’ve finally found a way to consistently set my focus on God before beginning my day. What a difference it has made. I plan on doing a post about how I use my journal soon.

Twenty-twelve, I welcome you!


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