Six Weeks…Finally!

I finally got my hands (photographically speaking) on my good friend’s Thanksgiving day baby. What a sweet boy, and such fun to photograph a newborn again. Earlier that day I was supposed to deliver her husband’s wallet to him at church after he left it at our house the night before. Instead, I was moved by the guest worship leader and stole $5 out of his wallet to buy a cd after the service before giving it back to him. When I didn’t have a $5 bill to give them later as I shot their newborn, I joked that they could pay me $5 for the photo session. We got a good laugh. And it made me so happy when I emailed Momma some of my favorites and she said it was the best $5 she ever spent.

My favorites are the boy in a basket shots. For some reason the black and white treatment of those feels timeless, like the JFK shots with his son under his desk. And does it make me have the baby itch? Not a bit. It makes me even more grateful that Greg is finally going for the little snip-snip this Friday. But I’ll continue to love on other people’s newborns with enthusiasm, before heading home to my own warm bed with a full night’s sleep. I know that in the end, newborns are always worth it. And this one is sure a cutie. Welcome Baby M!



2 thoughts on “Six Weeks…Finally!

  1. You got um good. We so love those fingers and toes. The raggy cloth wrapper gives such an international any- time any- place tie in . The common denominator is,” Wrap that baby up.” or later, ‘Give him/her space to stretch.” Those around can’t take their eyes off the new one with us.

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