Floating into a New Year.

Out of habit, I’ve found myself clicking over here to peaceliving every few days over the last few weeks. It’s as if I think I’ll suddenly see some really witty or meaningful post that I’ve written here that day…I’m almost disappointed when I realize that, no, my imaginary self has stayed silent. I’m just left with me and my sporadic postings of 2012. All three of them.

It’s been a good sixteen days. I started the year with new goals & old ideas that I hope to finally achieve, along with ambitious schedules and action plans…ahhh…I love the new year! Part of the plan for me has been to stay off the computer during the daytime. I’m here for 5-10 minutes in the morning before Greg leaves for work to click through my blog subscriptions, then I’ve been actually turning the computer off all day until after Midge goes to bed at night.

It’s weird.

But you know what? The world has not ended. I haven’t even gotten any angry calls wondering why I didn’t respond to someone’s email right away. In fact, there is time for my email box to fill and my blog subscription list to replenish when I’m away all day.

It’s not that I was online that much before, really. But it was so easy to pop in for a minute here and a minute there if the kids were all occupied or asleep or something. Then I’d click from one thing to another and the next thing you know, my search for the JoAnn’s store hours has turned into 15 lost minutes of my day.

So I’m turning those stolen minutes into working time around the house. And it’s been productive! I can’t believe what I can get done with a few minutes here and a few minutes there. In combination with the new chore schedule the boys and I are doing, the house is staying neater than I ever thought possible. Boy, is it nice having kids who are almost 6 and 8…so much work can be squeezed out of them. And for once, I finally feel happy with our housekeeping routine.

Then again, it’s only been two weeks. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

I’m also trying to get back into some meal planning. Without the temptation to get on the computer during the afternoon nap hours, I find myself planning a whole two or three hours ahead to dinnertime. Imagine that! I even pulled out the old bread machine. And with my same favorite recipe, I baked some fresh bread for dinner. Which Greg declared to be my best loaf ever. Which made me feel guilty because it’s obviously been too long since we’ve eaten fresh bread!

As for the poor neglected blog, I’m afraid the sporadic postings might be a sign of things to come. Between my new anti-daytime-computer stance and my determination not to spend so much time editing photos, blogging is a bit more difficult. But I am not shutting this place down…I’ve done that before only to realize that I really enjoy having a writing outlet to share online, and I bring it back again. I’m not making plans or goals for how often I should blog; I’ll just take it as it comes.

After all, without writing here, would I have had a chance to use a semi colon for the first time in years? No, I would not.

And you would have missed out on seeing Tyler as a pirate.

Happy January.


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