Making a Getaway.

I’m the kind of mom who needs a getaway now and then to keep my sanity. It seems like every three or four months, I feel my patience wearing thin a little quicker. I find myself snapping a little more often. I crave a little of that elusive quiet. Especially for hours at a time.

And you know I’m not going to get that stuff around here.

So I’m planning a getaway. This one’s going to have to be a little 1.5 day local escape during the week, as our March weekends are somehow all booked up with one thing or another. Lucky for me, I am related to someone with a gorgeous Laguna Beach home where I can craft for an afternoon, relax for an evening, and tell the hostess if I’m really not in the mood for socializing and just want to be left alone by the pool or on the deck overlooking the ocean. Ahhh…

On Wednesday after Midge and I spend the morning at her visitation, we’ll pick up Tyler from kindergarten and greet Grandma at 1:30. Then I escape. I have a whole bunch of plain t-shirts I’ve been collecting from second-hand shops for the kids. I’ve been planning to stencil paint them or do some graphic iron ons, and somehow it just hasn’t happened! So I’m going to take those to Aunt Krissy’s and craft the afternoon away, before my kids outgrow the shirts.

Then Krissy and I will eat dinner, and I’ll probably stay the night there. With a book. And some tea. And a blanket. And some Ottmar Liebert on the cd player, because that always makes me feel like I’m in southern Europe or something. Maybe we’ll find something to nibble for dessert. And I won’t have to change a diaper or listen to the don’t-pee-in-your-pants-at-night alarm go off and usher someone to the bathroom at 2 a.m.. I’ll read a magazine. Then I’ll sleep in.

On Thursday I think I’ll wander and take some pictures if the weather’s nice. You might have noticed some recycling of photos around here lately. It’s hard to find any Midge-less photos to share, since I’m not taking many photos at all. I’m due for some new landscape photos, I think. Maybe a hike above Laguna would be in order?

What else will I do? I don’t know. But I won’t cut anyone’s food, or even make anyone’s food, for that matter. I won’t talk to any social workers; in fact, maybe I’ll just turn off my phone. I won’t smell like Desitin, the scent of which on your fingers spoils any meal you eat. I won’t get up to an alarm and I won’t do anything I don’t want to do. I won’t be a sensible, mature adult with responsibilities.

I can’t wait.


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