Laguna Escape.

Just a few words today to go with my photos from my little getaway last week at Aunt Krissy’s house in Laguna.

Starting with a gorgeous little quiet respite on the porch on the chilly (for us) day.

Krissy’s is the right house to go to for artful, peaceful, interesting vignettes here and there.

A quiet dinner with Kris and Stan, followed by some HGTV with Kris and an introduction to the strangest new (to me) show called Oddities.

That night and the next morning, I devoured this book. A good, quick read. I recommend it. Of course, having total quiet and no interruptions always helps the book reading experience. And good morning coffee made by someone else and enjoyed in a clean, peaceful home. That, too.

Then on to the craft of choice…stenciling some shirts from the second-hand stores for the kiddos.

And a few iron ons, too.

My cousin Michele came for a few hours to relax, too. We always joke that we’ll see each other again when Beach Nights begin. It’s a little too true for my liking. We always have fun chatting. So nice to have family as friends. They are the best kind.

My gracious hosts in the back and our friend Hilde in the front. Don’t you think everyone should have a Norwegian hula dancing yoga teaching traveling massage therapist like Hilde as a friend? I do. Thank you, Aunt Krissy, for treating me to the massage.

Sometimes my mind won’t keep still during a massage, so I used this time for prayer. To refocus. To hear from God about how He wants me to move forward from today. It was such a wonderful hour.

The food is always beautiful, too. Crab salad a la Krissy.

On the way home I explored the canyon in springtime. Although my footwear was inappropriate, I took in a little bit more beauty and silence before heading through the canyon towards home.

Then an hour of browsing at the local quilt shop, an hour of wandering the library, a forgotten love of a place, and then home for dinner with my family before they headed out for tennis lessons.

And back to real life. It comes quickly and hard. I am thankful for moments like these, and vow to seek them out more often during rough times in life.  And to notice the everyday beauty at home more often.


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