The boys and I got to talking this morning about Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. (Full Disclosure: by “the boys and I got to talking,” I really mean, I talked, they seemed responsive, and they at least didn’t interrupt to ask me questions about Star Wars characters.)

From our pastor on Sunday we learned that the Jews had been long awaiting the day when their messiah would overthrow the Roman government. The disciples were probably constantly wondering when that glorious day would come and they could be big whigs in Jesus’ palace. So when he asked them to bring him a colt to ride into town (the traditional way that a prince ready to become king would enter), they thought this was it…their moment.

Their plans were finally coming to fruition. For the Jews, after years of oppression. For the disciples, after giving up so much and following Jesus for three years. What a great day it would be. Hosanna!

But somehow their plans didn’t match up with God’s plans. Instead, a few days later Jesus was dying on a cross, the disciples scattered and denying they even knew him. God’s plans are sometimes pretty stupid compared to ours, right? Am I allowed to even say that? I guess so, because I definitely think it too often. I need to remember that there was a whole story that the disciples and the Jews didn’t know at the time. He was victorious, even over death! I need to trust.

I know I’m a child without the full picture. I am trusting that when things don’t look like they’re going my way, that’s because they aren’t. They are going God’s way. He is still on the throne, even when it looks like things are out of His control.

Each day I am telling myself, “This is the day God has for me,” and “Jesus is on the throne,” and “He is my good shepherd and led me here for a reason.”

I ran across this C.S. Lewis quote the other day: “If you think of this world as a place intended simply for our happiness, you find it quite intolerable: think of it as a place of training and correction and it’s not so bad.” – God in the Dock, page 52.

Praise God for one more day to follow him wherever he leads me.


2 thoughts on “Unexpected.

  1. Did you know the Episcopalian Church decided to declare C.S Lewis a Saint around 1990 or so? A church in Pasadena has him in a stained glass window. Actually I’m sidetracking only a little. Their have many many times what he has written really communicated a lot to help me ” keep the Faith”.

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